Wood Burning Pool Heater

Heating of swimming pool water

Professional outdoor stove, designed to heat water in a garden pool, fired with wood. Get warm in your swimming pool and enjoy your bath all year round!

Temperatura wody w basenie

Heat loss in the garden pool

How does water lose its temperature in our pool?

Water loses heat due to evaporation (approx. 50-90% of total loss), convection (approx. 10-30% of total loss) – depends on wind speed and humidity, radiation (approx. 5-10% of total loss) – heat dissipation at night at form of infrared radiation, conductivity (2-3% of the total loss) – transferring the temperature to the ground.

How to protect against heat loss in the pool water?

A stove for heating water in a swimming pool is the perfect solution! Not only will we protect ourselves against heat loss, but we will also significantly increase the water temperature in our garden pool.

A wood-burning stove designed to heat water in garden pools, bath barrels, jacuzzi, swimming pools and hot tubs.

A garden stove in combination with a Pool Roof canopy is a guarantee of savings and year-round bathing. The pool roof was registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under no. Wp.29780 and is produced exclusively by our company.

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