Pool roofing with lighting

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When the bathing season is in full swing, and the evenings and nights are long. It is worth considering the source of the light. Pool enclosure with lighting!

How to properly choose lighting for a garden pool?

  • led lighting – LED is “light emitting diode”. The use of LED lighting is fashionable, economical and environmentally friendly. They are characterized by high durability, energy efficiency and safety – powered by a voltage of 12V. This type of lighting is available in various light colors.
  • halogen lamps have a tungsten filament and are partially filled with noble gas and partially with halogen. Lamps of this type are also very safe – 300W / 12V. This lighting emits a warm color.

Depending on the type of the pool, the lighting can be installed in different places. However, it is worth remembering that the lighting must be placed in places that will allow for their safe replacement. Bulbs may wear out.

Underwater lighting

The lighting can be installed under the water surface (underwater lighting). In this case, it is most often mounted on the bottom of the pool basin or on the sides.

External lighting

The main task of this lighting is to illuminate the space around the pool and the pool itself. In the case of external lighting, it is important to properly install it (correct angle of incidence of light) so that it does not reflect from the water surface and does not dazzle.

Pool Roof makes it possible to install external lighting. The solid structure allows the lighting to be mounted on a frame. Forget about ending your bath with sunset on warm summer evenings. Bath at night? Absolutely possible. Effect? See for yourself! Thanks to lighting, your pool can take on new shades! Increase the comfort of bathing, ensure even more relaxation and safety with Pool Roof.